What do you like about Michigan?

What do you like about Michigan?

Michigan is a great state, a wonderful place to visit and to live. With more freshwater coastline than any other state – and at 3,288 miles it is second in total coastline to Alaska – it’s perfect for anything to do with water. It truly is a water wonderland! With over 6,500 miles of groomed snowmobile trails, the only ski flying venue in the nation, cross country skiing and downhill skiing, it has earned its name as a winter wonderland as well.

If you like to camp, there are plenty of state and private campgrounds, with all levels, from rustic to all the modern conveniences. We have national park on the largest island in the largest inland lake (Isle Royale) and some of the best, most accessible sand dunes in Sleeping Bear Dunes and Silver Lake dunes.

If you like sports, well, we do have the Tigers, the Lions, the Pistons, and the Red Wings, all out of Detroit, but also minor league teams in many cities around the state, and local leagues for amateur participation. If you like food, and happen to be in Detroit, you can get an original Coney Dog, or, according to one website, have the best pizza in the country! And then, there’s Vernors.

With all that, what is your favorite thing to do in Michigan? What do you like to eat?

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